Environmental performance training courses

Training in the deployment of an environmental management system, eco-design, life cycle assessment and implementing its tools will boost the environmental performance of your organisation.

Building an eco-design approach

To discover the principles of eco-design, to acquire the bases for structuring one's approach; to identify the stages and resources for integrating it into one's company, into design practices and into the organisation.

  • Public: for any person required to implement an eco-design approach (project manager, design, marketing or sales manager, QSE manager, director, etc.)
  • Training without pre-requisites.

Practising life cycle assessment for eco-design

To know the principles of environmental assessment of products and services, in order to be able to measure the environmental impacts of products and services, interpret the results and identify areas for improvement.

  • Public: anyone involved in product design (design office, marketing, R&D, etc.)
  • Training without pre-requisites.

Building an environmental communication strategy

To know the specificities of environmental communication "Products and services", as well as product labels (their specificities, strengths and limitations, costs, etc.), in order to acquire the keys to develop an effective communication strategy.

  • Public: managers, marketing department, communication department.
  • Training without pre-requisites.

ISO 14001 version 2015: integrating the life cycle perspective

In order to make the link between the environmental management system of your organisation and the life cycle of your products and services, know the requirements of the ISO 14001: 2015 standard relating to the life cycle perspective. Know how to identify the environmental aspects and impacts associated with the life cycle of your products or services, and integrate them into the pre-existing environmental analysis. Understand the consequences of introducing the life cycle perspective: product design, environmental communication, outsourced processes, etc.

  • Public : environmental manager, any person required to upgrade the environmental management system to the 2015 version.
  • Prerequisite : knowledge of the principles of the environmental management system