Our commitments

AD FINE's first commitment, which underpins our entire approach, is customer satisfaction. The ISO 9001 certification of our quality management system bears witness to this. We then rely on shared values, expressed through social and environmental commitments.


Clearly stated and shared values

Our commitments draw their strength and inspiration from clearly stated values shared by the entire team :

  • Human : placing the employee, his well-being and the development of his talents and skills at the heart of the entrepreneurial project ;
  • Independence : to be free to make technical choices and propose solutions ;
  • Trust : respecting commitments and the confidentiality of shared information;
  • Societal responsibility : contributing to a sober and cooperative world, and to a more just and equitable society ;
  • Ethics : to be loyal and exemplary, consistent between its words and its actions ;
  • Innovation : to seek, and even anticipate, creative and specific solutions ;
  • Customer satisfaction : listening to our customers, understanding their expectations and responding to their requests while respecting their specific needs ;
  • Agility : developing the skills and know-how to adapt to change.

Our commitments to society

Being a Cooperative or doing business differently

The AD FINE design and consultancy firm was created in January 2012 under the legal status of a Scop (Cooperative and Participative Society). With this choice, the company is committed to a different way of doing business, in particular by giving meaning to work and life in the company: sharing a vision, providing satisfaction through the technical and social interest of the missions carried out, stimulating the development of the employee's skills, and offering them the means to achieve their objectives. At AD FINE, and as required by the statutes of a Scop, employees with at least two years' seniority are invited to become partners..

Being a socially useful solidarity company

The "Social Utility Company" (ESUS) approval, delivered by the Direccte Aveyron, underlines the commitment made by AD FINE to propose a specific service offer on the energy and environmental transition. AD FINE assists local authorities and companies in transition strategies by taking into account resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which represent strong priority social issues.

Respecting parity

Equal management of human resources is a key issue for AD FINE. Although not subject to the obligation to publish a gender equality index because of its size (the obligation affects companies with more than 50 employees), the Scop respects the essential criteria :

  • the absence of a pay gap between women and men of comparable age and position ;
  • the same chance to get a raise for women and men ;
  • the same chance of getting a promotion for women as for men.

AD FINE is staffed by six women and four men, and is co-managed by one man and one woman. 

Our environmental approach

Controlling our greenhouse gas emissions

  • AD FINE has carried out its Bilan Carbone®, which has enabled us to identify the main greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activity and the implementation of practices to reduce our emissions.
  • At the same time, we have committed ourselves in 2020 to compensate the greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided. To this end, AD FINE has taken part in a carbon offsetting programme in Occitania with Reforest' Action for forest preservation. Concretely, we chose to intervene in Occitania, by participating in the restoration of a forest plot devastated by drought and insects in the Parc Naturel du Haut-Languedoc in Lacaune in the Tarn (81): 34 trees were planted, 5 tons of CO2 stored and 102 animal shelters created.
  • In 2022, on the occasion of the Scop's 10th anniversary, we are going even further by participating in the creation of a 250m² forest garden in the commune of Veyssilieu (38) thanks to a partnership with K_no_P. The "forest garden" is a garden created according to the model of a natural forest, with different levels of vegetation. It will include an educational trail to learn about the different species that make up the garden. AD FINE has decided to take concrete action to preserve biodiversity and the environment.
  • The redesign of our website in 2022 according to the principles of eco-design, based on the Green.It reference system, aims to effectively reduce our digital footprint. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Agence Sésame - Web et Communication.

Preserving resources

  • Our offices in Millau and Chambéry are in shared spaces, which allows us to share facilities and certain services with other companies ;
  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, printer consumables, used light bulbs, etc., is systematic in our offices ;
  • We use FSC, PEFC or recycled paper; we only print documents when really necessary, on both sides.
  • Our IT equipment and electrical appliances comply with EnergyStar standards in order to limit energy consumption as much as possible.

Limiting journeys

  • The geographical location of our offices is designed to limit travel and to ensure that as many of our employees as possible use soft modes of transport (bicycle, public transport, etc.) to come to our premises ;
  • We have put in place an organisation that facilitates teleworking (internal teleworking charter, videoconference tools, etc.) ;
  • All meetings whose agenda and content do not require travel will be conducted by telephone or videoconference ;
  • For our business trips, we prefer public transport (TGV, TER, etc.) whenever possible.