Who are we? Experts committed to the ecological transition

The AD FINE design, consultancy and training office is a team of twelve employees whose professional approach to the energy and environmental transition aims to satisfy their clients, based on strong values and shared social and environmental commitments.

Discover our commitments

Pioneers in energy performance and the environment

The founders of AD FINE crossed their professional paths during their retraining at ENSAM in Chambéry, while preparing the Master's degree in Environmental Management and Ecodesign. During the first years, they were true pioneers in the field of energy performance and the environment: these subjects were not topical in the business world; regulations were not yet binding; societal awareness was not pushing companies along the path of transition.

AD FINE has evolved in its approach to the issues and has progressively developed the scope of its services: eco-design and environmental management, then energy efficiency with the deployment of ISO 5001 management systems and the carrying out of Bilan Carbone® for organisations or sporting and/or cultural events.

AD FINE has managed one of the first French markets in terms of circular economy, and has thus built a methodology to support the deployment of industrial and territorial ecology approaches. Continuing its development, the company now has 12 employees, including 10 engineers.  

The climate situation, the energy crisis, the general awareness of the need to act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make AD FINE's missions more necessary than ever. The expertise acquired over the last 10 years enables it to propose effective strategies and operational solutions, accompanying territories and organisations in the ecological transition.

Our missions

For a sober and cooperative world

In order to contribute to the construction of a sober and cooperative world, AD FINE's daily action is driven by the following objectives :

  • To deploy the circular economy on our territories ;
  • To create reliable and operational tools and methods for an efficient implementation of the energy and environmental transition ;
  • Helping companies to anticipate and adapt, in order to improve their performance and attractiveness.

AD FINE's support and complementary approaches to flow management result in operational policies that are tailor-made with its clients.