The AD FINE ecosystem: cooperation, partnerships

At AD FINE, we have understood since the creation of our Scop that "together we go further"... We evolve and work within an ecosystem of partnerships and encounters that enrich us and allow us to fulfil our commitment to the sober and cooperative world to which we aspire. Together we develop methodologies and tools to serve our missions, and we are members of numerous clusters and associations. This network allows us to enrich our vision of the world, to innovate and to bring relevant solutions to our clients.


Consultancy in technical expertise, advice and training in energy management (EMS and ISO 50001), especially for the energy efficiency of neutral fluids and gases such as nitrogen and compressed air in industry. International expertise and technical training sessions in French speaking countries.


Regional leader in the integration of automated solutions for industry, infrastructure and energy, Automatique & Industrie (AI), accelerates the development of its customers and brings them closer to their vision of the company of the future: integration of automation, revamping, cyber security, smart data, CMMS, AI, energy monitoring... from consulting to maintenance, including training, project management assistance, integration and development of solutions.


A consultancy firm specialising in sustainable construction (certifications, energy performance, comfort simulations, etc.) and personalised sustainable strategies, which assists architects, developers and promoters in the design and implementation of high-performance projects through concrete actions contributing to a socially fairer, culturally richer and ecologically regenerative world.


Échelles et Territoires is a consultancy firm specialised in territorial planning and development, which assists contracting authorities and public and private actors in carrying out territorial diagnoses, conducting studies, defining strategies and territorial projects, and evaluating public policies.

Adjacent to the University Toulouse-Jean-Jaurès, and to the LISST laboratory (UMR 5193 CNRS - EHESS), Échelles et Territoires has been awarded the label of "Young University Company" since 2017.

AD FINE and Echelles & Territoires have synergized their skills in order to develop a unique know-how in circular economy and industrial and territorial ecology.

Our teams from engineering and social sciences have built a fertile dialogue between :

  • Technical expertise in flow, energy and environmental management;
  • Fundamental knowledge of geography, regional planning and political science;
  • Animation and project management techniques.

These synergies between knowledge and expertise, and the resulting cross-disciplinary tools, enable us to address all the stakeholders in an EIT approach with precision in order to provide individual and collective added value. The group is therefore as comfortable with companies (flow analysis, company strategy, economic model, etc.) as it is with institutional players at various levels (business parks, Regional Nature Park, inter-communal bodies, Departmental Council, Regional Council, etc.).


Consulting firm in the fields of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at work and Energy.

Assists companies of all sizes in their management system certification projects or to improve their structuring and results in the QSE field.

Initiatives pour une Économie Solidaire (IéS)

A cooperative society of collective interest for solidarity financing that supports projects of solidarity enterprises that create jobs, by calling on citizens' savings in Midi-Pyrénées, since 1998, and in Languedoc-Roussillon since 2014.

Its actions are based on three pillars:

  • The collection of savings from citizens and legal entities.
  • The fight against unemployment and exclusion, by supporting the creation and development of solidarity-based companies.
  • Involving citizens and their participation in the local economy, raising awareness of the solidarity economy.

IéS supports the development of AD FINE.


Consultant in circularity and sustainable development: environment / ISO 14001, eco-design, circular economy, CSR / sustainable development.
Coaching and consulting: Diagnosis / Compliance / Strategy, process / Team awareness, communication / PEP
Internal audit: ISO 14001, CSR


The mission of K_no_P (read CA-no-Pée) is to preserve the environment, maintain biodiversity and fight against global warming.  Three programmes will enable local authorities, companies, craftsmen, shopkeepers or individuals to participate in

  • the creation and preservation of local forests,
  • sequestration of CO2,
  • maintaining biodiversity,
  • the development of social links,
  • participating in a virtuous circular economy,
  • and all this while enjoying the benefits of forests, which are essential to life.

Thanks to K_no_P, it is possible to:

  • Create forest gardens;
  • Offset your CO2 emissions;
  • Plant trees.

In 2022, with the collaboration of K_no_P, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, AD FINE took part in the creation of a 250m² forest garden in the commune of Veyssilieu (38). The "forest garden" is a garden created according to the model of a natural forest, with different levels of vegetation. It includes an educational trail to learn about the different species that make up the garden. AD FINE decided to take concrete action to preserve biodiversity and the environment.


Leader Aveyron is a territorial cluster of Leader Occitanie, a cluster with a regional vocation, and has established itself as the transversal network of dynamic companies and controlled growth in the department. Based on its eco-innovation DNA, Leader Aveyron is pursuing its environmental commitment and developing the circular economy.
It supports the sharing of experiences between its members, highlights and studies the economic, environmental, legal, financial, social and managerial problems encountered by its members, relays them and is a force for proposals to local, regional and national institutions. It promotes initiatives by pooling members' energies towards collective projects.


Novallia is an independent consultancy and web application developer, created in 2003.

Originally specialising in the environment, health, safety & working conditions and industrial risks, Novallia has gradually extended its expertise to global risk management as well as to the development of web applications and database management in the field of compliance, particularly regulatory compliance.
Novallia's Expertise + Application solutions are entirely customised.
Its teams (engineers, lawyers and developers) are qualified to work in all sectors of activity (industry, services, construction, logistics, etc.).

Novallia has offices in Switzerland (headquarters in Neuchâtel, Geneva and Basel), France (Neuilly-sur-Seine, Saint-Dizier, Mulhouse and Nancy), Tunisia (Tunis), Morocco (Casablanca) and Senegal (Dakar).


Smart Montagne is an energy consultancy that assists industrial companies and local authorities with their energy performance projects, from audits and performance consulting to feasibility studies for renewable energy projects. It has developed a strong expertise in the production of photovoltaic energy.

Smart Montagne assists companies and local authorities in the development of renewable energies:

  • Identification of renewable energy potential;
  • Search for partners and subsidies;
  • Profitability analysis ;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Project management and project management assistance.


Take[air] provides a carbon management platform to measure your carbon footprint, reduce your emissions, monitor your low-carbon trajectory and enhance your actions. With this support, organisations and communities can integrate environmental actions for the climate into their strategy in order to optimise their performance.


Terre d'Avance is an independent consultancy firm, committed to the transformation and strengthening of territories and organisations. It covers the fields of employment and skills development, economic development, support for companies and committed entrepreneurs.