The AD FINE ecosystem: Experienced and complementary collaborations

The team

François AMIEUX

Director of Operations Circular Economy - Co-Managing Partner

« As Darwin demonstrated, the species that survive are those that adapt to their environment. However, how long can the environment adapt to the impacts of the human species and endure?
The circular economy is a path to sobriety that can contribute to ecological resilience. »

François works with companies and territories on the themes of circular economy, industrial and territorial ecology, structuring of resources/waste channels, and Bilan Carbone®. He is commissioned by BPi France to carry out eco-Flux diagnostics for small and medium-sized businesses.

François holds a specialised Master's degree in "Eco-design and Environmental Management" (Arts et Métiers ParisTech - Institut de Chambéry). On the other hand, after 25 years of experience in the food industry as a marketing manager and holding a University Diploma in "Business Management" from Paris Dauphine, he masters the fields of strategy, marketing and communication.


Environmental engineer - Project manager - Partner

« Sobriety refers to conscious and voluntary moderation. Conscious, for the need for information, knowledge and hindsight that this requires. And voluntary, for the simplicity (material, technological, organisational, etc.) that is sought and desired. Sobriety is a quest for what is necessary: to make room for what is necessary and to limit what interferes with the essential. »

Sarah works with companies on environmental and energy efficiency issues. She assists industries in optimising their energy and material flows (inputs, water, waste). She carries out carbon assessments and life cycle analyses using the expert software SimaPro. She is also involved in the deployment and support of energy and environmental management systems, with input in CSR. 

Sarah is a Process and Environment Engineer from INSA Toulouse.


Chargé d'études Économie Circulaire - Alternant en Mastère Spécialisé Économie Circulaire

Ma sensibilité pour les enjeux environnementaux ainsi que ma quête de sens dans mon travail m’ont amené à me tourner vers l’économie circulaire au sein d’une formation de Mastère Spécialisé ainsi que chez AD FINE. Les enjeux à relever pour les prochaines années sont phénoménaux et chacun doit prendre sa responsabilité pour y contribuer. Ainsi, j’espère pouvoir apporter ma motivation ainsi que ma force de travail pour faire changer les choses et tendre vers un modèle respectueux de l’environnement.


Yoann est diplômé d’une licence économie-gestion et d’un master en économie appliquée spécialisé dans l’éthique. Il est en alternance au sein de l'équipe AD FINE et prépare un Mastère Spécialisé Économie Circulaire à Nantes. 


Environmental engineer - Project manager - Partner

Stéphanie accompanies and leads various projects related to environmental management (ISO 14001), the implementation of eco-design approaches or the implementation of environmental analyses (life cycle analysis) for various industry sectors (mechanical, waste, leisure, chemical, etc.). She is proficient in conducting life cycle analyses using our expert software SimaPro.

As an INSA Lyon engineer, she has industrial experience in process development. Her initial training was completed with a specialised Master's degree in "Eco-design and Environmental Management" from the Arts & Métiers Institute in Chambéry.


Director of Energy and Environment Operations - Partner

« Developing the skills of a team to make sense of their work is essential to making society more resilient and responsible in the face of more complex challenges. Sharing our expertise at all levels of organisations in a wide variety of fields is extremely rewarding and ensures that we are contributing to a regenerative and progressive world where nature can reclaim its rights.»

After 17 years of experience in the semiconductor and high-tech SiC materials industry, Denis is responsible for the energy performance and strategy activity at AD FINE. He supports the team in energy audits of industrial processes (OPQIBI 1717 qualification), the Eco Tertiary system, the management of performance plans and collective operations. He is an ICA auditor for ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 standards and is developing an expertise on ISO 45001. Denis is an AD FINE trainer and teaches the principles of energy management systems, the environment and environmental law in several institutions: CESI, Savoie Mont Blanc University, Grenoble Alpes University. 

An "advanced materials" engineer, Denis holds a specialised Master's degree in "Eco-design and Environmental Management" from Arts et Métiers ParisTech.


Chargée d'études efficacité énergétique - Alternante

"Nos ressources ne sont pas illimitées, Agir le plutôt possible n'est plus un choix. Dès lors il faut définir précisément nos besoins pour pouvoir distinguer les services énergétiques indispensables de ceux qui ne le sont pas. La recherche de sobriété est donc le premier pas vers l'économie d'énergie".


Chargée de projet environnement et évènementiel responsable

Etudiante en Master Sciences de l’Environnement à l’université Savoie Mont-Blanc, Anna a fait un stage de 5 mois chez AD FINE en 2022 et poursuit en contrat d’alternance d’un an en 2022-2023 en tant que chargée d’études environnementales.

Ses missions sont l’accompagnement du High Five festival situé à Annecy, dans une démarche festival responsable (ISO 20121) et la réalisation de leur Bilan Carbone, l’apprentissage à la réalisation de Bilan Carbone© et d’Analyse Cycle de Vie sur des projets au sein d’AD FINE.

De plus, elle s’engage avec l’association Outdoor Sports Valley dans le but proposer les services d’expertise environnementale d’AD FINE auprès de l’industrie outdoor de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


Energy design engineer - Project manager - Associate

« To be a punk engineer is to go beyond the frameworks by inventing and creating, for oneself and for others. Wanting to have the smallest possible impact on the environment, refusing to waste, sharing knowledge, inviting the creation of what does not yet exist, doing it yourself while respecting your fellow man ».

Within the AD FINE team, Cyrille provides energy efficiency services, in particular industrial energy audits and ISO 50001. He also works as a part-time energy manager and establishes strategies to be implemented as part of an energy efficiency action plan. He also carries out specific studies, including those on the recovery of waste heat, in which he is a specialist. Cyrille provides personalised answers, adapting the methodology to be used. It is with listening, benevolence and passion that he evolves on a daily basis. 

After 4 years of mechanical design in R&D, Cyrille decided to go back to school to specialise in energy and environmental efficiency.  Cyrille holds a Specialised Master's Degree in Energy and Environmental Efficiency (at CESI in Lyon) and has been working with industrialists for the past 4 years to achieve energy intelligence.

Ludivine MOULS

Environmental Project Manager - Co-Managing Partner

Ludivine assists companies and local authorities in their environmental management processes (ISO 14001, LCA, eco-design, waste diagnosis, etc.) and in carrying out Bilan Carbone® assessments. She has mastered the software and is Bilan Carbone® certified.

Ludivine is a graduate of Sup de Co La Rochelle - Master 2 Environmental Management, Consulting and Engineering.


Environment and circular economy engineer - Project manager

« Human society did not get to where it is today by chance. Cooperation is everywhere, it helps to bind large groups together. We live in a cooperative world, we have just forgotten it. »

Damien completed an apprenticeship as an Energy, Risks and Environment Engineer (specialising in quality management) at INSA Centre Val de Loire, and completed his course with a specialised master's degree in "Management of Change and Sustainable Innovation" at the Institut Arts & Métiers in Chambéry. Since 2020, as part of the AD FINE team, Damien has been supporting projects related to environmental analysis, eco-design and the circular economy. He was responsible for the technical development of the AGIL'EIT tool.

Damien is involved in the association Les Pépites Vertes, a movement that equips young talents for the ecological transition, and is a "fresqueur" of the Nouveaux Récits



Sales and Marketing Officer - Associate

« Putting the art of communication at the service of change and awareness on the issues of ecological transition means taking responsibility for finding the right word and the right angle of interest to encourage action while remaining optimistic. »

Within AD FINE, Anne is in charge of the implementation and follow-up of commercial missions, as well as marketing management. She brings her expertise to the "communication" aspects (strategy and media) of the missions.

With a Master's degree in Philosophy and a DUT in Information and Communication, Anne's career path has taken her from publishing to the regional daily press as a journalist, before taking responsibility for communication departments in local authorities for ten years.

Géraldine SERIN

Administrative Assistant

« Assisting in the management of a company, through its accounting and financial, administrative and human resources aspects, requires a sense of purpose and dedication which also implies a personal commitment. »

Géraldine is in charge of the administrative management of AD FINE, from the Scop's accounting to human resources issues.

Anne-Valérie TARROUX

Cheffe de projet environnement

« Le respect de l’environnement c’est vivre et évoluer sans impact sur nos écosystèmes. Aujourd’hui nous réalisons leur fragilité et à quel point nous y sommes connectés. La transition écologique est devenue notre objectif. Pour pouvoir vivre de manière soutenable il faut changer de paradigme : réaliser à quel point nous sommes petits à l’échelle de la planète et prendre conscience des conséquences de notre évolution sur notre environnement. Nos modes de vie et nos modes de consommation doivent changer et vite. Afin de choisir, pour ne pas subir, j’utilise mes quinze années d’expérience pour vous accompagner au mouvement. »

Titulaire d’un master Responsable QSE, Anne-Valérie a continué ses études en alternance au sein des services QHSE d’industries (agro-alimentaires, métallurgie..) et obtenu son diplôme d’Ingénieure Hygiéniste du Travail et de l’Environnement au Cnam.

Après une parenthèse professionnelle pour une TPE de l’artisanat, Anne-Valérie a décidé de reprendre son parcours pour participer à la transition écologique en complétant son cursus initial avec la formation au Bilan Carbone©. Pour AD FINE, ses missions sont d’accompagner les entreprises et collectivités au management de l’environnement (ISO 14001, Bilan Carbone, Diag …).


Jean-Baptiste TREBAOL

Chargé de projet en Economie Circulaire et développement commercial du Grand Ouest

Diplômé en double Cursus Ingénieur et Master Architecture, en Structure, Thermique du bâtiment et Développement Durable appliqué à la Construction BOIS à l'ENSTIB, Jean-Baptiste s'est spécialisé en conception et optimisation environnementale du bâtiment. Sa dernière expérience professionnelle au poste d'ingénieur commercial sur l'ensemble de la région Sud Ouest, lui a permis d'acquérir de solides connaissances en développement commercial, gestion de projets, une connaissance fine des procédures de marchés publics, des compétences en urbanisme, en éco-innovation et en accompagnement des collectivités publiques vers une transition énergétique et écologique.
Il suit actuellement en alternance au sein de notre équipe, le master  Ecologie Industrielle et Territoriale à l'Université Bretagne Sud de Lorient. 


Ingénieure d’études énergétiques – Cheffe de projet

« When I think of cooperation at AD FINE I think of the expression "Alone we go faster, together we go further". Cooperation means confronting points of view in order to reach the same objective, it means enriching our analyses and improving our added value for our clients ».

Julie has expertise in the field of water and sanitation, as an energy consultant: management of the ISO 50001 energy management system, coordination and monitoring of energy action plans, awareness-raising, analysis of consumption and proposals for improvement on wastewater treatment plants and drinking water production plants (pumping systems and air overpressure in particular), management and monitoring of energy supply contracts, contractual optimisation via the ARENH mechanism.

Julie is a Valorisation Energétique engineer from the Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne.

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