AD FINE Our certifications and qualifications

Our social responsibility

To be a Cooperative is to undertake differently

Since its creation in 2012, AD FINE has taken the legal form of a Cooperative and Participative Society (Scop), in which the employees are the majority partners and where power is exercised democratically. It thus marked its adherence to fundamental values - personal and mutual responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity - as well as to an ethic based on honesty, transparency, social responsibility and altruism.

All AD FINE employees are eligible to become partners. Each employee member has one vote, whatever his status, his seniority and the amount invested. Our Scop is managed by two co-managers: François AMIEUX and Ludivine MOULS. They were elected by the associated employees.

The information related to the life of the company circulates in full transparency and the strategic decisions are the expression of the greatest number.

Being a Scop also means being part of a solidarity network, which accompanies the life of the company: regional unions, professional federations, technical support or management organisations.

To find out more about Scops, visit the Confédération générale des Scop website


AD FINE - Être une Scop, c’est entreprendre autrement

Socially useful solidarity company

AD FINE is a Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) company. It has received the renewal of the "Entreprise Solidaire d'Utilité Sociale" (ESUS) approval issued by the DIRECCTE of Aveyron.

This approval underlines AD FINE's commitment to having a significant social impact by offering a specific range of services on the energy and environmental transition. AD FINE supports local authorities and companies in transition strategies through the consideration of resources or the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which represent strong priority issues.

To find out more about the ESUS status, visit the website of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery.

AD FINE - Entreprise solidaire d’utilité sociale

Quality management

The ISO 9001 certification

AD FINE is certified ISO 9001 : 2015 since January 21st 2022. This is a sign of our commitment to reveal the quality of our know-how and skills, by establishing a customer culture and promoting innovation. All of this in a continuous improvement process.

Our customers and partners can thus be sure of enjoying a relationship geared towards their satisfaction; they have guarantees in terms of organisational quality and the performance of our processes.

To find out more about the ISO 9001 standard, visit the International Organization for Standardization website


AD FINE - Certification ISO 9001

The Qualiopi certification

Since 21 January 2022, AD FINE has been Qualiopi certified for the training activities provided in its areas of expertise (energy efficiency, environment and circular economy).

This certification attests to the legibility of the training offer, as well as the quality of the process that AD FINE implements to contribute to the development of skills.

To find out more about the Qualiopi mark, visit the website of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration.

AD FINE - Certification Qualiopi

Technical certifications and qualifications


AD FINE has the certificate delivered by OPQIBI which justifies its competence to carry out the industrial energy audit 1717 and the transport energy audit 0607.

AD FINE - Certificat OPQIBI - L'ingénierie qualifiée

ICA Auditor

Denis DAVID, Associate Consultant and Director of Energy Operations at AD FINE, has the ICA certification issued by AFNOR, which justifies his skills as an internal auditor of the ISO 50001 energy management system.

AD FINE - ICA Auditeur Management de l'énergie

Carbon footprint accreditation

AD FINE is authorised by the Bilan Carbone Association (ABC) to carry out diagnostics for companies and local authorities.

AD FINE - Accréditation Bilan Carbone®


Denis DAVID, Associate Consultant and Director of Energy Operations at AD FINE, has the ICA certification issued by AFNOR, which justifies his skills as an internal auditor of the ISO 14001 environmental management system.