Circular economy: supporting businesses towards the functionality economy

More and more companies and local authorities are implementing a functionality economy strategy. Environmental protection and economy are now at the centre of all actions.

The functionality economy, a new business model for companies

The functionality economy represents a new economic model for companies wishing to participate in the energy and environmental transition.

It is not focused on the sale of products, but on the service that the company can offer on that product. It is an economy of resources that is part of a sustainable development perspective. For example, a bicycle manufacturer will rent the product instead of selling it, which will make it possible to manufacture fewer bicycles and have many more users. The economic objective is achieved. In terms of obsolescence, the company will repair the fleet of bikes that will continue to be rented instead of manufacturing new products. The company will thus take responsibility for the product from its creation to the end of its life (recycling). The environmental objective of the functionality economy is also achieved.

On the other hand, the economy of functionality ensures a mission of cooperation between the economic actors of a territory who share uses to satisfy a need. It also provides a collaborative mission where users sell a use to each other, such as the rental of a vehicle for example.

The economy of functionality represents a new competitive and differentiating economic model for companies that is part of an energy and environmental transition. Companies have a reasoned management of resources, they reduce their environmental impacts and optimize the use of the good or service. In addition, they create local jobs that cannot be relocated: reuse and repair structures, rental services, etc.

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Are you interested in the functionality economy?

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