Why engage in the implementation of an environmental strategy?

In a global context marked by increasing pressure on resources, environmental degradation and ecological awareness on the part of the general public, governments are promoting programmes and measures among economic actors to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.

In this context, companies are required to design and implement an environmental strategy to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, their consumption of resources, maintain their competitiveness and create jobs. This environmental strategy is part of the company's overall strategy.

Environmental strategy: how to act?

What should be taken into account when defining an environmental strategy within a company?

An environmental strategy consists of defining the guidelines that enable a company to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders while anticipating future regulatory constraints in terms of environmental protection.

It is constructed in line with the company's strategic line. It is incorporated into the overall strategy in line with the company's external and internal context. It is unique and developed according to the specific characteristics of the company (environmental problems encountered, interested parties concerned, etc.).

Thus, the company carries out, with the support of an external service provider or internally, a global analysis of its existing environmental practices. It identifies the environmental issues and the interested parties impacted by its activity. The environmental issues identified are part of a continuous improvement process. On this basis, the company builds an environmental strategy that is translated into an action plan.

How to implement an environmental strategy?

The involvement of management in the implementation of an environmental strategy is an essential step. Once involved, management mobilises all the actors to drive the environmental strategy within the company.

The implementation of appropriate training and the integration of the environmental strategy into the corporate culture allow for the deployment of an efficient and sustainable environmental strategy.

As soon as it is implemented, it must be evaluated and monitored in order to analyse the results obtained (environmental, economic and social gains, etc.) and to take corrective action if some of the measures have not worked.

AD FINE supports you in the construction and implementation of an environmental strategy

Thanks to its know-how and experience (ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 support, eco-design, animation, communication, etc.), AD FINE can help you develop and implement your environmental strategy.

Our offer is articulated in different phases such as

  • Carrying out an environmental diagnosis within your structure;
  • The development of an environmental strategy in the form of an action plan in line with your overall strategy;
  • The implementation of indicators with a follow-up and an evaluation of the results obtained;
  • Tailor-made training for your staff (managers, QSE, environment managers, etc.) to ensure that the company's project is properly understood;
  • The construction of an environmental communication to present your commitments and the actions implemented to your interested parties.

For more information on environmental strategy, contact our teams. They will inform you and co-construct your project with you.