AD FINE, engineering office
For a low footprint and cooperative world

AD FINE supports territories and companies to integrate the energy and environmental transition in order to develop their attractiveness and performance.

For companies, AD FINE offers a strategic approach that considers site activities (energy, waste, water management, etc.) and the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle (eco-design).

For territories, AD FINE deploys a methodology anchored in the field to encourage all its stakeholders to pool and cooperate in order to save resources and finance (industrial and territorial ecology, synergies in the flow of materials, waste, energy, etc).

Tailor-made methodologies and tools

Pictogram of the AD FINE corporate logo Transition strategy

  • Energy strategy
  • Environmental strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)
  • Communication

Pictogram of the AD FINE environmental performance logo Environmental performance

  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Eco-design
  • Environmental management ISO 14001
  • Carbon footprint®
  • Waste and material balance

Pictogram of the AD FINE energy efficiency logo Energy efficiency

  • Energy management ISO 50001
  • Regulatory energy audit
  • External energy manager
  • Studies and engineering

Pictogram of the AD FINE circular economy logo Circular economy

  • Industrial and territorial ecology
  • Eco-design
  • Economical functionality
  • Responsible purchasing

Committed to customer satisfaction, AD FINE has implemented a quality approach aimed at ISO 9001 certification.

The AD FINE team

The AD FINE team combines research and engineering, management and consulting skills based on continuous training and experience in companies of various sizes and activities.

AD FINE has the skills to provide marketing support to enhance the value of its clients' approaches and commitments.

AD FINE sectors of intervention activities

AD FINE operates in many sectors of activity thanks to the expertise of its team members :

  • Industry : food industry, chemistry, plastics, metallurgy, mechanics, electronics, printing, wood, haulage company, logistics platforms, construction ...
  • Public institutions : hospitals, SDIS …
  • State administrations, local authorities and territories : Institutions, Regional Natural Park, municipalities community ...

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Our values

Wishing to do things differently (give meaning to work and life in companies), the founders the status of a cooperative.

The partners of the cooperative are committed to the cooperative principles.

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AD FINE's values